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Stop Using Q-tips

People usually poke and scrape against their ears with Q-tips causing them to become ineffective. If a person uses a cotton swab in this way they will not get anything out and end up pushing the wax farther into the ear, causing hearing problems, hardening of the wax, and puncturing their eardrum.

What does this mean? Is there a different way to use cotton swabs to protect our ears? Or should people switch to something new? Well, to answer these questions it is easier to look at a newer version of a cotton swab called Tvidler.

Tvidler was released in 2021 and buying one cost around $30. The product works like a drill to remove excess ear wax. You are probably thinking if Tvidler is manual or automatic. Well to answer that question it is manual and works like a screw, meaning a person has to put the product within the ear and twist it to pull the wax out of the ear. The mechanism is fast and easy; all a person has to do is stick the Tvidler in the ear and turn it clockwise. Also since the drill is detachable there is a possibility it might get stuck in the ear, which is the problem with Q-tips. The plus side is that the Tvidler does not break as easily as a Q-tip, since the Tvidler is bulkier, while Q-tips are generally made out of thin pieces of plastic or paper that easily snap and hurt a person's ear. I do not recommend this product because you will hurt yourself by pushing the Tvidler too far into the ear or by pushing it too forcefully into the ear. I also do not recommend using cotton swabs if that person does not know his or her strength or is cognitively impaired.

The specifications of Tvidler are the tip is a drill shaped that is made of silicone, is soft, washable, and detachable. The fact that the tip is washable and detachable makes Tvidler a better option, economically than a cotton swab because it is reusable, and detachable, while a Q-tip is not reusable and has to be disposed of after every use. The problem with the Tvidler drill tip is that it is pretty small and could get lost pretty easily along with the fact that a person can order 16 extra drill tips on Amazon, which costs around $12, meaning each tip costs $.75 or 75 cents. People have to use the one drill tip about 25 times for the cost to be the same as cotton swabs.

It is not what people buy that becomes the problem, it is how a person uses the product. People do not have to buy Tvidler, they could easily buy cotton swabs. People cannot forcefully push the cotton swabs straight into the ear, they have to twist the Q-tip around the ear lobe to get rid of the wax. My recommendation is for people to use cotton swabs, made out of bamboo or a stronger material if they have narrower ears, but if they have wider ears use Tvidler. Remember for those who have narrower ears the Tvidler product will not reach all of the ear wax in that person’s ear and could end up harming that person. Check with an Otolaryngologist to see which is the best for you.

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