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The Head and Shoulders shampoo bottle advertises that it is “America’s number 1 dandruff shampoo and it’s dermatologist recommended.” The bottle also states that dermatologists recommend it should be used at least twice a week. Hahahaha, more like once a month. Have you read about how many times people really need a shower? No. How many times should they and for how long? "It is usually once or twice a week or when it is needed and for 5-10 minutes." This is because shampoos and soaps often have chemicals that are obscure and hard to pronounce along with the fact that hair loss is a common problem that is magnified by preexisting conditions, genetics, stress, and dry skin. Furthermore, taking a shower for too long causes your skin to dry, especially using hot water. Head and Shoulders, made by P&G, is an abnormal case, when I used it my hair felt fried as if I just used a straightening or a curling iron. The way to lessen your hair loss and keep your hair is through natural oils and not using shampoo every day to take a shower. The question people should be asking themselves is whether or not this shampoo is worth using, especially at the cost of your hair.

Other companies that fall under the P&G umbrella are Dove, Olay, Old Spice, Nivea, and Pantene for shampoos, soaps, lotions, and deodorants.

The first chemical that I will be looking at is dimethicone. Dimethicone is supposed to calm irritation, minimize redness, and protect the skin from further damage by creating a waxy barrier that prevents water from making contact with your hair. The possibility of the waxy barrier could lead to dryer hair and cause more damage. Put yourself in the shoes of a person who has eczema. What do you and that person need to do to make sure your scalp is clean? Scrub right? But the chemical and the dry skin will make your hair fragile and loose, therefore falling out. Now let’s look at another situation where a problem is solved but creates a new one. Think of wearing glasses. If a person who needs glasses is boxing in a fight and is in the ring ready to fight a person who does not need glasses and it is both their first time boxing a person. Who will do better? My thoughts would be the one who has the better depth perception, given the assumption that every other attribute the both of them have is equal such as strength, speed, power, and endurance. Of course, you can train your depth perception or modify the training so the person would not find their lack of depth perception an issue.

The second chemical is Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) and Methylchloroisothiazolinone (CMIT). The chemical combination has been banned in leave-on cosmetics and has been banned in other countries such as Europe. The combination has been banned because it has been found to cause allergic contact dermatitis, meaning it causes skin irritation. Leave-on cosmetics is defined as a cosmetic product that will stay on the body for a prolonged period of time, but this definition is so vague that a company can easily get around it, hence why the chemical combination is still used in shampoos and other cosmetic products in the US. The reason why they are used is that they are both inhibit bacterial growth. Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) has an additional side effect, it could cause chemical burns. The chemical burns apply to your skin and your hair like using insecticide or going to war, there are casualties. The insecticide’s job is to kill insects and get them away from crops, but the additional effects are the predictors die and get sick, eventually disrupting the food chain, leading to overpopulation and more invasive species. While in war you are given live firearms which can kill both your comrades and the enemy or you can think of war as the country getting more money at the cost of money and people’s lives. In both situations, the outcomes are both good and bad. The question you should be asking is whether or not you want to die slow and spend money on more chemicals, labeled as medicines, and continue this cycle of health and financial warfare, that started with a simple psychological tactic, authority, until you lose, or do you want to switch to something better?

The last chemical is Sodium xylene sulfonate. It has the possibility of causing skin irritation, serious eye irritation, and respiratory irritation. Respiratory irritation is classified as specific target organ toxicity, single exposure; respiratory tract irritation. This chemical is used in the auto industry, personal care, and pet care. The chemical is not mutagenic or carcinogenic, meaning it does not cause cancer and is not capable of permanently changing a person’s genetics. It is used in hydrotrope in liquid household detergents, shampoos, & degreasing CMPD (Cross Media Print and Digital Solutions) used in printing pastes within the textile industry, extracting pentosans & lignin in the paper industry, and an additive for glues within the leather industry. The chemical itself does not look like it can do so much harm, but because the chemical is used in many industries the problem of toxicity becomes a lot worse. Think about this situation in another way. You have a business that sells t-shirts and bought 10 t-shirts for $200 to sell this week and only 4 got sold at a mark-up price of $120. During the week you are still holding on to $160 of merchandise. You are still losing money considering the website cost, marketing, and other related costs. Now if you do not keep changing and improving your business then the business will fail, similar to the chemical. The many small things will make your health deteriorate or your business becomes bankrupt.

Pyrithione Zinc causes skin/burning of the scalp, skin peeling, and skin irritation. The only reason to use pyrithione zinc is to fight Malassezia (yeast-like) overgrowth. The way this salt does this is is by causing an influx of copper, leading to a reduction in the activity of iron-sulfur proteins resulting in growth inhibition thus killing off the Malassezia in the scalp.

I have eczema and dry skin and used the Head and Shoulders shampoo a month ago for two weeks and I used it 10 times. After two weeks my hair became stringy, lost its strength, and my head felt itchy, leading me to rub my head and tear out my hair. I lost 50-100 hair follicles on the last day. I know it is not that bad considering hair grows pretty rapidly but it was double what I usually saw and it concerned me that it happened in a short amount of time. Aside from that, I had no dandruff, but the chemicals in the head and shoulders shampoo are so extreme that it was not worth using unless you want to get bald.

The first question is why in the world are chemicals used in the auto industry being used in cosmetics and pet care products? That answer is quite simple from an economic standpoint, larger profits and less cost. Now the second question is why are people buying this when parents are supposed to care about their kids, but very few actually care about their kid’s diets and what chemicals they are exposed to, isn’t that hypocritical. Now let’s go back to the why. That’s simple authority, which goes back to the words “America’s number 1 dandruff shampoo and it is a dermatologist-recommended.” Company’s do not want their consumers to think. They just want them to react. Next time you buy one of these gimmicks or scam products that are just industrial waste, which is marketed through psychological warfare and authority, look at the price and the ingredients. Only then can you determine whether or not that product is worth buying. And by worth buying I mean is it benefiting you in any way.

An example of this being done in the past was cigarette companies using doctors to endorse cigarettes for medical purposes. In one ad by camel, the cigarette company wrote, "more doctors smoke camels than any other cigarette." What the camel cigarette company is saying in this instance is that since doctors, an authority figure, is endorsing smoking camel cigarettes so should everyone else. This is the same in the present where heads and shoulders advertised "it is dermatologist recommended" saying it should be used by everyone else since it is endorsed by an authority figure.

The Head and Shoulders shampoo is just full of chemicals and stupid tricks that encourage people to buy and not think. Next time you buy this product or any other from a well-known brand make sure you know the ingredients. and the side effects. Do not buy without thinking.

This shampoo is extremely potent toward dandruff, making it not a viable option for long-term use, if you have a chronic skin condition please use one of the alternative options below or change your diet.

Alternatives to head and shoulders include:

  1. Botanic Hearth (Tea tree oil)

  2. Mountain Top

  3. Lemon Juice

  4. Asprin

  5. Coconut oil

  6. Olive Oil


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  3. Foods contain enough omega 3s and omega 6s

  4. Zinc

  5. Protein

  6. Vitamin B

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