The fragrance is the same as artificial and natural flavors, all three of the words are known as mystery ingredients.

Ingredients that can be pulled out of a hat. The ingredients could be highly toxic and consumers do not know how much of the product is filled with the ingredient.

I honestly do not know how these products get sold because we as people want to know everything. The unknown is frightening to people and isn't that why companies and the government have to disclose everything, for the consumer's protection. The US government, for example, discloses information on where different places get their electricity. The unknown is why people believe in religion since it all has different interpretations of how people started. An example of this is Adam and Eve. And isn't the unknown why people believe in myths and monsters such as mermaids, vampires, werewolves, minotaurs, and other creatures. The unknown is also why people believe in heaven or hell because it is a for people to cope with loss and it could be seen as a motivator for people in the present. People want to know everything and anything, the unknown is scary, but why is this any different?

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