Meet The Blog Owner

Why I Started this Blog 

I decided to make a blog about fitness and nutrition because I had asthma and allergy problems, meaning my body is sensitive to sudden changes. My breathing problems and allergies became so bad that I felt like a fish out of water. On top of my breathing issues I had eczema. 

In 6th grade I finally changed my diet, eating lots of salad and  started to exercise. I noticed my stomach felt better and I did not have a crazy amount of gas like I did in 5th grade. Along with those benefits I had a lot more energy and after a month I started to hate refined sugar. 

Through out the years I started to take it a step further, I started to minimize processed food, associating different brands with selling processed food or toxic waste and organic food. Toxic waste food brands include Thomas, Boar's Head, Nature Valley, and Good and Gather. Organic food brands include goodio chocolate, USDA, and Earthbound. 

I started to change my parent's lives by changing their food buying habits, mainly my dads.  I never really thought about where my entrepreneurial spirit and desire came about, but now looking back, it sprouted from learning about American history, visiting the Central Park Zoo, and seeing my parents toxic relationship. 

Adam Lokhandwalla is a college student that is enrolled in Hunter College in NYC and has been living in Manhattan, NYC for his entire life. He has also traveled all around the world to 40 or so countries and became extremely adventurous.

He is persuing a marketing and business degree and is persuing the NASM personal training certification.

His hobbies are working out, hanging out with friends, swimming, skiing, rowing, biking, and sometimes watching anime.